Gantry Hoist System Manufacturers

2016-10-25 11:04

Gantry Hoist System ManufacturersGantry Hoist System mainly consists of gantry frame structure, crane traveling mechanism, electric hoists lifting mechanism and electrical control system. It is light type Gantry Hoist compared to double girder gantry crane, which take CD or MD electric hoist as lifting mechanism, through lifting mechanism - electric hoist hook moves up and down, trolley traversing moves, and the crane back and forth traveling forming the stereoscopic work space, to achieve handling, lifting, flip and other operations of object movement.

Gantry Hoist System Manufacturers, can be divided into L-type and A-type hoist gantry crane according to the leg shape. Gantry Hoist System design with light weight, simple mechanism, easy to operation, widely used in docks, freight yard, warehouses, construction sites and other conditions.

Gantry Hoist System working-level is A4, generally used for outdoor work, the crane and trolley lifting mechanism both set with rain cover.

About Gantry Hoist System Manufacturers

Crane manufacturers Weihua Group mainly supply overhead cranesgantry craneseot cranesbridge craneselectric hoistscrane parts and related industrial cranes in China. Our crane manufactures brands include: Henan Weihua Cranes, Nucleon Cranes and crane parts Service Company, etc.
Overhead crane and gantry crane businesses are mainly in the following three crane companies: 
Henan Weihua Cranes, Nucleon Cranes.

Henan Weihua Cranes is core crane manufacturer of Crane Manufacturers Weihua Group, which is the predecessor of Crane Manufacturers Weihua Group; with 30 years’ experience of crane manufacturing, transportation and installation; specialize in large heavy duty crane, goliath crane, material handling system, etc. and international engineering crane project contracting (EPC).

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