Overhead Bridge Crane Specification Design - Electrical Parts

2016-11-07 16:03

Overhead Bridge Crane Specification Design - Electrical Parts1. Overhead Bridge Crane Power supply system:
Power supply: 220V - 660V, three phase current, three-wire
Driving power supply: 220V - 660V,
Control power supply: 24 VAC, 36 VAC, 220VAC
Safety lighting power supply: 24 VAC, 36 VAC
Maintenance Power Supply: 220V - 660V
2. Overhead Bridge Crane Electrical control system
Main electrical components use Schneider.
Emergency stop: Emergency stop button is arranged on the operating table and the general control panel of the electric room, when the operator has accident or the equipment failure, press the emergency stop button, the whole crane driving power and control power are cut off.
Driver’s cabin using linkage control with zero self-locking, the linkage table must have clear power indicator and work indicator.
Setting overload limiter, when lifting loads reach 90% of rated lifting capacity, alarming; reaching 105%, hoisting is prohibited.
Control cabinet (panel) should have steady mounting base, to prevent vibration; control cabinet (panel) using front wiring; PVC wiring duct should be smooth, no glitches, and ground insulation skin, wire cable must be protected by the wire duct exit.
3. Overhead Bridge Crane Lighting system
Driver’s Cabin lighting: 20W fluorescent light
Under the main beam lighting: 2 halogen lamps
Overhaul socket: set 220V - 660V, 36V socket in the following parts: Driver’s Cabin 220V - 660V, 36V 2pcs;
Main beam 220V - 660V, 36V 3pcs
4. Overhead Bridge Crane Other parts
Ensure maintenance space
Cross traveling cable select pull resistant flexible cable, located terminal box at both ends of the cable; terminal box adopt bakelite board mounted brass screws as terminals.
Wire cable laying on bridge frame, power, control, lighting and auxiliary circuits are all independent.
All double girder EOT crane using driver’s cabin and wireless remote control, single girder crane using ground pedant and wireless remote control, remote adopt Taiwan U-ting push button type.

About Overhead Bridge Crane Specification Design - Electrical Parts

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