What is Overhead Crane?

2016-08-07 17:51

Overhead crane is like a bridge judging from the name of it. It is running on the rail track of high altitude support rail beam of the two sides. If there is a beam, called single beam, two beams for double beam.
It is worth mentioning that China single girder overhead crane, the part walking along the beam and the lifting part, often equipped together and hung under the beam, commonly known as electric hoist. Crane control generally including ground control or remote control, the operator walking on the ground needs to follow the crane move. Single girder overhead crane is with small lifting capacity, easy to operate.
Double girder overhead crane has two beams; there is a certain distance between the beams. The part walking along the beam and the lifting part equipped together in trolley, running across on the double beams. Double girder overhead crane is with relatively large lifting capacity, the operator working in the bridge crane’s control room. Ground commanders need to work cooperate with the operator in the driver’s cabin (control room).
Selection overhead crane on the premise that the plant (including open-air plant) has been incorporated into the bearing rail beams installed in civil engineering design. Without the bearing rail beam, when the plant needs to install crane, then should choose gantry crane which rails on the ground.
Overhead crane lifting capacity should be based on need and the bearing rail beam load-bearing capacity that the plant designs.
Overhead cranes generally have standard products, just make sure the lifting capacity, you can choose from the product catalog, is it single girder or double girder should be determined by the product model and specifications in line with the lifting capacity.

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