double girder eot crane

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Our Overhead Bridge Crane sales amount is the most in China, and crane production capacity is the worlds largest. As professional Overhead Bridge Crane Manufacturers Suppliers, every year our Overhead Bridge Crane s manuf

Overhead Bridge Crane Specification Configuration


1. Overhead Bridge Crane long traveling mechanism Driving type: 4 wheels 2 driving Motor insulation class: F Brake type: Wheel type hydraulic push rod YWZ series Gear reducer type: ZQ series Reducer connect with wheels: C

Overhead Bridge Crane Specification Design - Mechanical Parts


1. Overhead Bridge Crane trolley is composed of one set or two sets of (main, Aux.) lifting system, traveling mechanism, structural frame, etc. 2. Overhead Bridge Crane main beam, side beam and trolley frame material adop

Overhead Bridge Crane Specification Design - Electrical Parts


1. Overhead Bridge Crane Power supply system: Power supply: 220V - 660V, three phase current, three-wire Driving power supply: 220V - 660V, Control power supply: 24 VAC, 36 VAC, 220VAC Safety lighting power supply: 24 VAC

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Overhead Bridge CraneSpecifications, Design Drawing, Dimensions Information Download, Drawing Solution, Technical Information, Technology Catalogue 5-10 TonOverhead Bridge Crane Design Specification 15-20 TonOverhead Brid

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UK Sheffield Forgemasters Purchased 2 sets 250 ton / 15 ton Double Girder EOT cranes from Crane Manufacturers Weihua in July 2008. These 2 double girder cranes were installed in May 2009 and since operated in excellent co

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Double Girder EOT Crane, suitable for indoor or outdoor fixed cross intercropping handling and transport work. Lifting capacity range 5T-1000T, working-level generally divided into A3, A5, A6. A3 overhead crane is apply t